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Jere White - Free At Last

At age 49, I have finally found substantial relief from migraine headaches without the daily use of prescription drugs.  My headaches began at approximately age 12, and they have gotten progressively worse over the years. I actually followed my Mother’s path into the lifestyle of a migraneur. As my family, friends, and co-workers well know, the migraines have been debilitating. 

I have spent many a day in bed curled in a fetal position, waiting in silent darkness for relief from the relentless pain and nausea.  I have made my share of trips to the ER or doctor’s office for emergency treatment in my efforts to find relief.  I have missed way too many days of my life due to my inability to function as a result of my migraine headaches. Time and setting, stressed or not, seemed of little avail as I could get a migraine just as easily relaxing while fishing on a quiet mountain stream as I could while involved in my more intense moments of coaching wrestling or teaching high school.

I have tried the whole gamut of treatments from a long list of prophylactic and abortive prescription drugs to every herb or diet or endless treatment that alleged any help.  I read the books; I visited neurologists, chiropractors, an allergist, and nutritionists. I was hospitalized for treatment on 3 different occasions at renowned headache clinics only to find relief meager and fleeting.  Recent abortive drugs taken orally or injected provided me with my main route to a somewhat normal life.

Finally, after resigning myself to a life of prescription drugs my wife encouraged me to try one more program, The Migraine Prevention Program.  After my wife pushed me past my skepticism and discouragement of past treatments, I began the rigorous program with tremendous support from my wife. To my amazement I began to find relief within weeks. I slowly weaned myself off prescription drugs as I followed the migraine prevention regimen.  The results have been nothing short of astounding.  I no longer take daily prescription drugs. Debilitating migraines are non-existent, and I no longer live in fear of my next migraine.  I’m not yet 100% headache free, but for the first time in my life I feel I’m on my way to this realistic goal.
P.S. My only side effect has been the loss of 55# without trying to diet. I feel great!

Jere White


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