Chris Nelson

The Minister of Health, Chris Nelson

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to you today to inform you of my decision to resign from that group of people who are suffering from Migraines and/or Depression.

The facts are that Migraines have been the bane of my existence for almost 20 years now and I am totally sick of them affecting my life both at work and in my family.  I have been suffering from Depression for about 4 or 5 years that I am aware of and I just can’t see the point of feeling like this any more.

You have failed to provide me with the wherewithal to prevent the occurrence of these two afflictions, therefore I have had to do a large amount of research myself in order to gain some relief from their symptoms.

Let me explain.  My first diagnosed Migraine happened around March 1994.  One Sunday morning Margaret and I were going to look at a Housing and Furnishing Exhibition and we left the children at my Mother’s place while we were there.  Mum had asked us to lunch and we had a variety of sandwiches then headed into the City.  When we returned to Mum’s place, I started to get a severe headache (I had been feeling a bit funny for an hour or so before) and I took a couple pf paracetamol capsules.  On the trip home I started feeling really strange.  As though I was watching things happening very remotely, that I wasn’t really there but I knew I was.  We took the Kids home and arranged for them to be watched while Margaret took me to the After Hours Medical Clinic. 

The Doctor there thought I might be having a stroke and started doing some stroke type tests, including the Squeeze the Fingers etc.  I was asked who the Prime Minister of Australia was and couldn’t think of the name, I knew it was a bird’s name, Bob Hawke was PM and Andrew Peacock was the Opposition Leader).  After a few more tests he admitted defeat and sent me to the Accident and Emergency Department at the local Public Hospital.  By the time I arrived there I was feeling much better, my mental acuity had returned and I had got over the majority of symptoms.  They kept me for observation for a couple of hours and then sent me home.

I saw my GP (General Practitioner) (Doctor) the Next day and told him the symptoms I had had.  His immediate Diagnosis was a Severe Migraine.  As I had recovered from the symptoms he did not prescribe any medication.
Needless to say, this was not the last episode I had.  Although it was a while before I had another.  Between that time and now we have changed Doctors.  More for practical reasons than any other.

My current GP has seen me at my best and (almost) worst.  I have had a couple of episodes like the first one where I couldn’t think properly but they were always in a place where I couldn’t access him quickly (Work, Holidays etc.).  I have had Cat Scans, seen Neurologists, taken all sorts of stuff, Cafergot, Maxolon, Zomig, ……etc.etc…Lots of Medications for treatment but nothing for prevention.  A pharmacist friend suggested Feverfew as a preventative.  I took it for a while but was still having Migraines.  The severity was not as bad but I still was getting them.

Now, I guess I am one of the lucky Migraineurs, I get Migraines, USUALLY, without the debilitating headache (NOT ALWAYS).  However, I get ALL the other symptoms including feeling really unwell for up to 5 days.

Then, a few years ago I was trolling the Internet for some information on Migraines (A quiet period at work). I stumbled across the site http://www.migraineprevention.org/ .  Then a much less sophisticated and less well respected site than it is today.  I emailed John Carvalho and was rewarded with a very prompt response.  I signed up for the newsletter and have been getting it ever since in its various forms.

In the mean time I did some other research on the WWW and soon discovered that what John and his little group was saying was correct regarding causes of Migraine.  However, I was, at that stage, not suffering from Depression and saw the Neurobiology Formula as an expense I was not prepared to accept.

A couple of years later I started having more frequent Migraines and was not coping at work.  On visiting my General Practitioner, I was given a diagnosis of Depression and was put onto Zoloft Tablets.  They were great for about 3 months then I became more and more depressed and was really screwing things up at work badly.
Things at home were not going too well at this time and my eldest daughter (and, consequently, her 2 children) separating from her husband with much acrimony and violence.  (A fire and threats along with bricks through windows and other stuff involving police intervention between her and her husband).  She had to move back with us because her unit was uninhabitable. 
None of this helped matters, though I really enjoy having them here, and I became further depressed and suffered from more frequent migraines. 

Work, well, I was just putting in an appearance there, I had a boss who was not tolerant and made life more miserable by using bullying tactics and by setting me unreasonable targets to achieve.  I visited my GP again and said I was still depressed, we discussed symptoms and some strategies, and he changed me on to Effexor XR.  I asked work for some time for the new meds to take effect.  I was given 3 weeks after which it was decided that I should leave that employer and try to make a fresh start.

Because I was working in the IT industry, work was not that easy to find and the pay rates had dropped remarkably, more things to deepen my depression .  While I was unemployed, I got involved with the MigrainePrevention team a bit more deeply.  This was probably the only thing which I can see as a positive in my life around this time.

June 1 2003 saw the passing of my mother after a short stay in hospital suffering from a lung infection from which she should have recovered.  Needless to say, that did not help much, along with the task (which I shared with my brother and sister) of going through all her possessions and winding up her estate.  However, I got a few contracts and started to get on top of things again. 

I struggled through 2003 and stumbled into 2004 on Effexor starting to feel a bit better, it was definitely helping.  Eventually, after much procrastination and mucking about (typical of depression sufferers) I made the decision to get the Neurobiology Formula for myself and for another friend who suffered SEVERE migraines.  AND, I actually ordered and payed for it!!!!
Since I have started taking the formula (with my Doctor’s full knowledge and approval) and have reduced or removed all of the things which I normally ingested which I know to be potential Migraine precipitors I have been Migraine free (touch wood).  I am now slowly reintroducing some of the foods and drinks which I had previously eliminated in small quantities and I am still getting better.

My depression is lifting as well.  I am still taking the Effexor but as I am due to see the Doctor this month, I hope he will say that it is time to stop them and persist with the formula.

I want to get a reasonable quantity of Neurobiology into Australia, or to get a pharmaceutical company to start manufacturing it here, so others can achieve the unbelievable results I am getting from it.  I am still researching this (with John Carvalho).
I recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering Migraine, Depression or any one of the associated Serotonin Deficiency causes maladies.  The worst it can do for you is leave you a little out of pocket and it might just be what you are looking for to provide you with relief for the remainder of your life.

It is time we all realized that as sufferers of Migraine and depression we have difficulty making decisions and then more difficulty seeing the decisions through to finality.  I say to all of you, make the decision NOW, today!!!  Don’t be like me and vacillate, if I had started the formula a year earlier I’d be a year better now.

My attitude to everything has got better, especially work, my relationships with people are back to normal, I am enjoying umpiring Softball again, my libido has returned (that’s a boost in itself).  Life is good, each little thing that goes right is a thing that makes the next step easier, the depression that little bit lighter load to carry; it becomes a self repairing circle.  Each little positive precipitates another and another till you buzz with the excitement at what might be the next achievement.
Then, suddenly, you realize that you have got back to normal, or very close to it, you can reduce your formula to a maintenance dosage, life becomes a gift again, small things excite you.  You praise God for giving Neurobiology Formula to the world.

Now, I have leaped into 2005 with a new lease on life.  Sure, I still have some down days, doesn’t everyone?  But nothing like the Black Hole I was in at my deepest point.  I have still got much to achieve but I am confident that I can achieve it and that it will be done in a relatively short time.

That’s my story so far, I’ll tell more when I come to it.  You can contact me by phone, email or in person if you wish.
I want others to know what can be achieved and how easily.

That’s why I am tendering my resignation from that group of people who are suffering from Migraines and/or Depression.

Yours Faithfully,
Chris Nelson,

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