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October 03, 2005 Shakeel

Dear John,

       I started suffering from migraine attacks about 17 years ago and I tried to see many doctors, neurosurgeons, had some scans done, etc but none of this pointed to what the cause of the headaches was.  The neurosurgeons prescribed very strong pain killers but these only helped to subside the headache slightly but the headache never quite cleared. The headaches used to come in phases.  Typically, it would start on a Thursday around 2 pm and last until Sunday when it would just disappear just like that and then reappear the following week.  This went on for a few months and I then tried homeopathy treatment, which firstly "cleared" the system and this then was the first time the headaches actually left for quite some time.  However, 2 years later, they resurfaced and again, with homeopathy, it went but returned later.  The cycle now was an attack every 2 years or so.  Then, during the last attack, the homeopathy medicines seemed to stop working. 

        It was then that during the course of research, I was very lucky and felt very blessed to come across the Migraine Prevention website and this is when I first spoke to John Carvalho at length.  On my 2 subsequent calls (as I asked very many questions of John and am very grateful for his patience), we agreed that I would try the program and obtained 3 months supply of the vitamin supplements.  In addition, I also changed my life routine and started exercising more regularly, sleeping consistent hours, avoiding coffee (which I had found was a trigger for me) and also started meditating for a few minutes very early in the morning everyday.

       For me personally, when I started the program, the results were nearly immediate - I had immediate relief from the attacks - not that they completely stopped straightaway, but the intensity was severely reduced within days of starting the program and so was the frequency of the attacks.  Within 6 weeks of being on the program, the attacks had vanished which for me was an amazing experience to be without this headache and did not have to worry when the next attack would occur and why.

         What I can conclude is that the migraine prevention program works for me and will continue using this, but also, I would say that prayers and meditation have helped side by side with this and I would personally recommend the migraine prevention program to anyone who has or is suffering from migraines.

Kind rgds
June 02, 2005 Rosie's Story

Hi John,
Thanks for your call yesterday. I appreciate your concern about the shipment.
Here is my story:
I have suffered from migraines since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I would get a bad headache and then the vomiting would begin. This would go on for 24-48 hours until it wore off. Back then I just thought of it as a "sick headache". At that time I had the headaches every 6-8 weeks. The headaches got worse  in intensity and frequency in the late 1980's and I began to see a doctor to try to prevent them. Nothing really helped and by the early 1990's the headaches began to really my affect my ability to work as a school counselor. I saw several specialists but nothing seemed to help. Finally I got some relief when Imitrex came on the market. It truly was a miracle drug for me. It didn't always give complete relief but always stopped to vomiting. However I continued to have the headaches so frequently and was using Imitrex several times a week by 2000. 
I researched the internet desperately seeking some help with prevention. That is when I found  Migraine Prevention on the internet and was blessed to find a person, John Carvalho, who understood my dilemma and offered a product that promised some help. The migraine prevention capsules, Norepa and Serotona, have been a great help to me in my battle to be free of headaches. John also put me in touch with John Alloca who helped me look at my eating habits and how they impacted my condition. He also had me take some blood tests and suggested to my doctor that taking some thyroid medication might help make a difference.
I had hoped that retiring in 2000 would lessen my stress level and would also help end the headaches. We moved to our retirement home in 2003 and  my doctor recommended that I add two other drugs to my prevention regimen, 100 mg. of nortriptyline and 50 mg. of Atenolol. Since 2003 my headaches have improved 100%. I am very careful to take my Serontona and Norepa capsules along with Synthroid, Atenolol, and Nortriptyline. John Carvalho has stayed with me all the way, guiding and encouraging and suggesting what I could do to find relief.  I am a strong believer in God and give Him all the glory for enabling me to find the help I needed. 
Rosalyn Riddle

The Minister of Health, Chris Nelson

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to you today to inform you of my decision to resign from that group of people who are suffering from Migraines and/or Depression.

The facts are that Migraines have been the bane of my existence for almost 20 years now and I am totally sick of them affecting my life both at work and in my family.  I have been suffering from Depression for about 4 or 5 years that I am aware of and I just can’t see the point of feeling like this any more.

You have failed to provide me with the wherewithal to prevent the occurrence of these two afflictions, therefore I have had to do a large amount of research myself in order to gain some relief from their symptoms.

Let me explain.  My first diagnosed Migraine happened around March 1994.  One Sunday morning Margaret and I were going to look at a Housing and Furnishing Exhibition and we left the children at my Mother’s place while we were there.  Mum had asked us to lunch and we had a variety of sandwiches then headed into the City.  When we returned to Mum’s place, I started to get a severe headache (I had been feeling a bit funny for an hour or so before) and I took a couple pf paracetamol capsules.  On the trip home I started feeling really strange.  As though I was watching things happening very remotely, that I wasn’t really there but I knew I was.  We took the Kids home and arranged for them to be watched while Margaret took me to the After Hours Medical Clinic. 

The Doctor there thought I might be having a stroke and started doing some stroke type tests, including the Squeeze the Fingers etc.  I was asked who the Prime Minister of Australia was and couldn’t think of the name, I knew it was a bird’s name, Bob Hawke was PM and Andrew Peacock was the Opposition Leader).  After a few more tests he admitted defeat and sent me to the Accident and Emergency Department at the local Public Hospital.  By the time I arrived there I was feeling much better, my mental acuity had returned and I had got over the majority of symptoms.  They kept me for observation for a couple of hours and then sent me home.

I saw my GP (General Practitioner) (Doctor) the Next day and told him the symptoms I had had.  His immediate Diagnosis was a Severe Migraine.  As I had recovered from the symptoms he did not prescribe any medication.
Needless to say, this was not the last episode I had.  Although it was a while before I had another.  Between that time and now we have changed Doctors.  More for practical reasons than any other.

My current GP has seen me at my best and (almost) worst.  I have had a couple of episodes like the first one where I couldn’t think properly but they were always in a place where I couldn’t access him quickly (Work, Holidays etc.).  I have had Cat Scans, seen Neurologists, taken all sorts of stuff, Cafergot, Maxolon, Zomig, ……etc.etc…Lots of Medications for treatment but nothing for prevention.  A pharmacist friend suggested Feverfew as a preventative.  I took it for a while but was still having Migraines.  The severity was not as bad but I still was getting them.

Now, I guess I am one of the lucky Migraineurs, I get Migraines, USUALLY, without the debilitating headache (NOT ALWAYS).  However, I get ALL the other symptoms including feeling really unwell for up to 5 days.

Then, a few years ago I was trolling the Internet for some information on Migraines (A quiet period at work). I stumbled across the site http://www.migraineprevention.org/ .  Then a much less sophisticated and less well respected site than it is today.  I emailed John Carvalho and was rewarded with a very prompt response.  I signed up for the newsletter and have been getting it ever since in its various forms.

In the mean time I did some other research on the WWW and soon discovered that what John and his little group was saying was correct regarding causes of Migraine.  However, I was, at that stage, not suffering from Depression and saw the Neurobiology Formula as an expense I was not prepared to accept.

A couple of years later I started having more frequent Migraines and was not coping at work.  On visiting my General Practitioner, I was given a diagnosis of Depression and was put onto Zoloft Tablets.  They were great for about 3 months then I became more and more depressed and was really screwing things up at work badly.
Things at home were not going too well at this time and my eldest daughter (and, consequently, her 2 children) separating from her husband with much acrimony and violence.  (A fire and threats along with bricks through windows and other stuff involving police intervention between her and her husband).  She had to move back with us because her unit was uninhabitable. 
None of this helped matters, though I really enjoy having them here, and I became further depressed and suffered from more frequent migraines. 

Work, well, I was just putting in an appearance there, I had a boss who was not tolerant and made life more miserable by using bullying tactics and by setting me unreasonable targets to achieve.  I visited my GP again and said I was still depressed, we discussed symptoms and some strategies, and he changed me on to Effexor XR.  I asked work for some time for the new meds to take effect.  I was given 3 weeks after which it was decided that I should leave that employer and try to make a fresh start.

Because I was working in the IT industry, work was not that easy to find and the pay rates had dropped remarkably, more things to deepen my depression .  While I was unemployed, I got involved with the MigrainePrevention team a bit more deeply.  This was probably the only thing which I can see as a positive in my life around this time.

June 1 2003 saw the passing of my mother after a short stay in hospital suffering from a lung infection from which she should have recovered.  Needless to say, that did not help much, along with the task (which I shared with my brother and sister) of going through all her possessions and winding up her estate.  However, I got a few contracts and started to get on top of things again. 

I struggled through 2003 and stumbled into 2004 on Effexor starting to feel a bit better, it was definitely helping.  Eventually, after much procrastination and mucking about (typical of depression sufferers) I made the decision to get the Neurobiology Formula for myself and for another friend who suffered SEVERE migraines.  AND, I actually ordered and payed for it!!!!
Since I have started taking the formula (with my Doctor’s full knowledge and approval) and have reduced or removed all of the things which I normally ingested which I know to be potential Migraine precipitors I have been Migraine free (touch wood).  I am now slowly reintroducing some of the foods and drinks which I had previously eliminated in small quantities and I am still getting better.

My depression is lifting as well.  I am still taking the Effexor but as I am due to see the Doctor this month, I hope he will say that it is time to stop them and persist with the formula.

I want to get a reasonable quantity of Neurobiology into Australia, or to get a pharmaceutical company to start manufacturing it here, so others can achieve the unbelievable results I am getting from it.  I am still researching this (with John Carvalho).
I recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering Migraine, Depression or any one of the associated Serotonin Deficiency causes maladies.  The worst it can do for you is leave you a little out of pocket and it might just be what you are looking for to provide you with relief for the remainder of your life.

It is time we all realized that as sufferers of Migraine and depression we have difficulty making decisions and then more difficulty seeing the decisions through to finality.  I say to all of you, make the decision NOW, today!!!  Don’t be like me and vacillate, if I had started the formula a year earlier I’d be a year better now.

My attitude to everything has got better, especially work, my relationships with people are back to normal, I am enjoying umpiring Softball again, my libido has returned (that’s a boost in itself).  Life is good, each little thing that goes right is a thing that makes the next step easier, the depression that little bit lighter load to carry; it becomes a self repairing circle.  Each little positive precipitates another and another till you buzz with the excitement at what might be the next achievement.
Then, suddenly, you realize that you have got back to normal, or very close to it, you can reduce your formula to a maintenance dosage, life becomes a gift again, small things excite you.  You praise God for giving Neurobiology Formula to the world.

Now, I have leaped into 2005 with a new lease on life.  Sure, I still have some down days, doesn’t everyone?  But nothing like the Black Hole I was in at my deepest point.  I have still got much to achieve but I am confident that I can achieve it and that it will be done in a relatively short time.

That’s my story so far, I’ll tell more when I come to it.  You can contact me by phone, email or in person if you wish.
I want others to know what can be achieved and how easily.

That’s why I am tendering my resignation from that group of people who are suffering from Migraines and/or Depression.

Yours Faithfully,
Chris Nelson,

Jere White - Free At Last

At age 49, I have finally found substantial relief from migraine headaches without the daily use of prescription drugs.  My headaches began at approximately age 12, and they have gotten progressively worse over the years. I actually followed my Mother’s path into the lifestyle of a migraneur. As my family, friends, and co-workers well know, the migraines have been debilitating. 

I have spent many a day in bed curled in a fetal position, waiting in silent darkness for relief from the relentless pain and nausea.  I have made my share of trips to the ER or doctor’s office for emergency treatment in my efforts to find relief.  I have missed way too many days of my life due to my inability to function as a result of my migraine headaches. Time and setting, stressed or not, seemed of little avail as I could get a migraine just as easily relaxing while fishing on a quiet mountain stream as I could while involved in my more intense moments of coaching wrestling or teaching high school.

I have tried the whole gamut of treatments from a long list of prophylactic and abortive prescription drugs to every herb or diet or endless treatment that alleged any help.  I read the books; I visited neurologists, chiropractors, an allergist, and nutritionists. I was hospitalized for treatment on 3 different occasions at renowned headache clinics only to find relief meager and fleeting.  Recent abortive drugs taken orally or injected provided me with my main route to a somewhat normal life.

Finally, after resigning myself to a life of prescription drugs my wife encouraged me to try one more program, The Migraine Prevention Program.  After my wife pushed me past my skepticism and discouragement of past treatments, I began the rigorous program with tremendous support from my wife. To my amazement I began to find relief within weeks. I slowly weaned myself off prescription drugs as I followed the migraine prevention regimen.  The results have been nothing short of astounding.  I no longer take daily prescription drugs. Debilitating migraines are non-existent, and I no longer live in fear of my next migraine.  I’m not yet 100% headache free, but for the first time in my life I feel I’m on my way to this realistic goal.
P.S. My only side effect has been the loss of 55# without trying to diet. I feel great!

Jere White

5/17/03 Rene

Two years ago when I began to understand how my migraines were being triggered by many things I started paying attention to how carbohydrates affect me.  Shortly after starting on the Migraine Prevention Program I also went on Atkins.  I have lost the 30 pounds I had put on while on Zoloft and Paxil and feel great.  I believe the formula not only took away migraines but also help regulate the serotonin levels to the degree that they took away my depression as well.

The Atkins program, as you know, being high in protein and low in carbohydrates is a wonderful way to apply the GLYCEMIC INDEX as well as to increase the protein in my diet increases the tryptophan (sp?).  I believe that making these major changes as well as taking the Formula have led to my decreased need for the Formula.

I am currently taking one pill for each bottle daily and feeling quite well, mentally as well as physically, even with the increased stress of our difficult situation.
I know I never would have made it this far without the education provided in the Migraine Prevention Program and the Formula.

Rene from Washington

4/1/03 Laral Cima

I got my first migraine when I was 17. I hadn't eaten all day and while in my university's Chemistry lab, I started to get a headache that just kept getting worse. Anyone that's had a migraine knows the drill - the most agonizing pain imaginable, vomiting that sometimes doesn't stop unless you go to the emergency room and days of your life lost in the migraine fog.

Over the years, the headaches got even more painful and more frequent. Excedrin was my best friend even though it failed me more than it helped. At one point about four years ago, I was taking 2 Excedrin every day, because I woke up with some type of headache everyday. Tension, sinus or muscle ache headaches would always turn into migraines by the afternoon if I didn't take the analgesic. I couldn't hold a full-time job, so I started a computer consulting business that allowed me to work when I felt well enough. I spent a great deal of my days in dark rooms. I was seeing a doctor in order to get prescriptions for Imitrex (which I was taking twice a week). I tried acupuncture and acupressure. I started going to a chiropractor who was convinced he could make my migraines go away. I spent thousands of dollars and went deeply into debt.

Once I started doing research on the web about my headaches, I began to see all of the things I had been doing wrong. I learned that the analgesics only made my condition worse in the long run and that my diet might be contributing to the pain more than I could ever guess. I learned that Imitrex is a drug that has side-effects (many of which are not yet publicly known). I always knew alcohol exascerbated the headaches, so I never drank any alcohol, but I didn't know how other foods in my diet could have an influence. I went on a very simple diet - when I went to the grocery store I only bought fresh food - meat, vegetables and fruits. I diligently tried to stay away from any processed food. Within about two months of beginning this new diet, I reintroduced dairy very slowly and IMMEDIATELY noticed that cheddar cheese is one of my migraine trigger foods.

Triggers for migraines are different for everyone, but I am absolutely certain that cleaning up my diet made it possible for me to recognize which foods were the main culprits. I also have to stay away from any strong smells and I take claritin intermittently for allergy/sinus problems. The migraines gradually subsided to about two per week, with the very horrible pain occurring right around my menstruation. Then, I found www.migraineprevention.org. I have to tell you that I was very skeptical, but... I kept reading. From my own experience and long process of elimination, I can tell you that everything on this website about migraines is true. I decided to order the Neurobiology - just to try it.

It took a couple of weeks to notice a difference. And it took a couple of months to notice a BIG difference. When you are used to the instant gratification that comes from taking a shot of Imitrex, it's hard for anything else to get your attention. It's not an epiphany, there is no big drum roll or puff of smoke. The headaches just began to subside. They became less frequent.

I used to average 4 trips a year to the emergency room or urgent care clinic. I haven't been to either in almost two years. I used to average 6 shots of Imitrex a month. I now average 2 shots of Imitrex a year. I used to take Excedrin every day. I now take Excedrin once or twice a month. This stuff works, it really, really works! Do not misunderstand - this is not a magic pill. If I stop paying attention to what I eat, if I try to go too far on too little sleep, if I don't take the Neurobiology on the first sign of pain, I still get migraines. But, now, I have a real life, I have a real full-time job, I make plans with friends in advance and, most importantly, I do not live in fear of my next migraine.

Laral Cima
Southern California
Age 33
Software Developer


Katherine is our newest Migraine Prevention Coach and “former migraine sufferer.  She is very motivated to help you believe there is something you can do to help yourself.  Katherine wants you to find the courage to overcome your fear of failure.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of having migraines?   Have you seen enough doctors and specialists? Taken enough drugs?  If I can give you anything take this advice, “Get off your butt and you take control of your migraines.”  The Migraine Prevention program is working for me. It is simple; supplementing with Neurobiology Formula and understanding what to eat. 

For thirty-eight years I have gone from one specialist to the next, old drugs, new drugs, test after test, job after job and now after ten years of marriage, my migraines have destroyed that too.

Drugs, it seems like I’ve done them all and then was being cycled through the same ones all over again. Imitrex (oral & injection), Maxalt, Skelaxin, Neurotin, Acetaminophen, Phenergan, etc.  I’ve had high blood pressure.  I’d get intestinal infections, was put on many antibiotics and my stomach lining was damaged.  I’ve had allergy shots, taken Allegra, Benadryl, Sudafed, Claritin, and Zyrtec. My sinusitis was so bad my face would swell to two times its size.  Good sleep was hard to find.  Fatigue and severe depression set in.  Lots of stress…divorce, illness, jobless and bankruptcy.

I decided it was time to find another alternative to drugs and I did. I have been migraine free for months for the first time in years.  Since I started using the Neurobiology daily supplement, I have not had a single migraine.  Yes, I watch what I eat, but the side effect has been a welcomed loss of unwanted weight.

In 1964 at the age of twelve I had my first migraine. When most pre-teen girls were starting their menstrual cycle, mine didn’t start until I was sixteen.  Years later at twenty-three I found out the pain I was having was from endometriosis and other abdominal problems.  I really don’t know how I got through high school and the Navy.  I left the Navy after Desert Storm and could not hold down a full time job.  I got married and worked part time when I could.

My migraines would start as an aura, moodiness, diarrhea or constipation and pain on the right side of my head.  If the barometric pressure would jump up or down; if my blood sugar is over or under stimulated; if sunlight is too bright or if there is a very loud noise I would be in trouble.  Lack of sleep or too much sleep would trigger a migraine. Nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, numbness on the right side of my body, speech problems, sweats or chills often come with my migraines. 

After a migraine my eyes would be sunken into my head and I’d walk around for days bumping into things because of the drugs I had taken. I was getting migraines every week. No more! 


B.J., Oklahoma City, OK
I have had these miserable "weather headaches" for 30 years, many last 10 days.  None of my many doctors over the years recognized these as migraines.  Maybe they didn't know that a falling barometer is a migraine "trigger."  They told me it was all in my head (yes) and that the pain "couldn't be that bad."  Nonetheless, they gave me all sorts of painkillers that all made me incredibly nauseous, loopy, and dizzy, (unable to stand), but didn't give me relief.  By the time I was 30, I had learned that doctors don't know much about pain, and that I am too sensitive to pain drugs to take any of them.  So I just coped with these intense headaches all these years with virtually no relief beyond what a cup of stout coffee and Tylenol would give.
In 1987, I had a whiplash neck injury that caused the headaches to increase in intensity a hundred fold.  Doctors don't know much about whiplash, either.  They offered me drugs.  Chiropractic gave me brief periods of relief from the neck pain, but not the weather headaches.
This pain just takes over your life, and there is no way to rest up from it before it hits again.  In 1998, after 11 years of continually working through searing red pain, I was physically and emotionally exhausted and completely burned out.  I quit the only job I ever loved and stayed home.  I slept for three months.  In late 1999, I began to see some improvement in the neck pain, except during spring and fall, the "weather months."
The year 2000 will be known as a very "weathery" year in Oklahoma.  I spent all of April, most of May, and all of June and July with weather headaches, day after day, unable to work, hiding myself in dark rooms, asking my sweet husband to close cabinets more quietly, unable to stomach any food. 
Then in late July, I literally stumbled upon a website that contained a paper, published by Dr. John Allocca, about the physical processes that cause migraines and how to relieve them.  I learned that serotonin and norepinephrine are the two neurotransmitters in the brain that are deficient in people with migraines.  Certain "triggers" start the process that causes the deficiency and leads to the headache -- one of the triggers listed was low barometric pressure.  I discovered that my weather headaches might be migraines.  I immediately called Dr. Allocca to clear up some questions.  He explained how the process happens in the brain and how the Neurobiology Formula 12397 works and he encouraged me to read more about it.  He gave me John Carvalho's number at Dynamic Health Resources in case I was interested in trying the formula.
Well, I read up on it, and then I called John Carvalho.  John showed me that if my headaches were not migraines, the formulas wouldn't work.  I ultimately decided to try the formula. This formula works so well, I have not had even one migraine since I took the first dose, even though the barometer has plunged many times in the last 7 weeks.  We have even had four dark, rainy days, but I had no headaches.
Neurobiology formula 12397 gives me the nutrients my body needs to make the serotonin and norepinephrine.  It will not ruin my liver (or any other body part) and it doesn't nauseate me, make me loopy or dizzy.  
However, my husband and I have noticed three side effects so far.  I sleep better.  I have begun to smile and laugh more than in many years.  Although I still have to deal with neck pain, there has been a subtle improvement.  If you have not experienced this kind of pain, you may not be able to imagine how important this is, but it is absolutely a miracle for me.


Dynamic Health Resources
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