October 03, 2005 Shakeel

Dear John,

       I started suffering from migraine attacks about 17 years ago and I tried to see many doctors, neurosurgeons, had some scans done, etc but none of this pointed to what the cause of the headaches was.  The neurosurgeons prescribed very strong pain killers but these only helped to subside the headache slightly but the headache never quite cleared. The headaches used to come in phases.  Typically, it would start on a Thursday around 2 pm and last until Sunday when it would just disappear just like that and then reappear the following week.  This went on for a few months and I then tried homeopathy treatment, which firstly "cleared" the system and this then was the first time the headaches actually left for quite some time.  However, 2 years later, they resurfaced and again, with homeopathy, it went but returned later.  The cycle now was an attack every 2 years or so.  Then, during the last attack, the homeopathy medicines seemed to stop working. 

        It was then that during the course of research, I was very lucky and felt very blessed to come across the Migraine Prevention website and this is when I first spoke to John Carvalho at length.  On my 2 subsequent calls (as I asked very many questions of John and am very grateful for his patience), we agreed that I would try the program and obtained 3 months supply of the vitamin supplements.  In addition, I also changed my life routine and started exercising more regularly, sleeping consistent hours, avoiding coffee (which I had found was a trigger for me) and also started meditating for a few minutes very early in the morning everyday.

       For me personally, when I started the program, the results were nearly immediate - I had immediate relief from the attacks - not that they completely stopped straightaway, but the intensity was severely reduced within days of starting the program and so was the frequency of the attacks.  Within 6 weeks of being on the program, the attacks had vanished which for me was an amazing experience to be without this headache and did not have to worry when the next attack would occur and why.

         What I can conclude is that the migraine prevention program works for me and will continue using this, but also, I would say that prayers and meditation have helped side by side with this and I would personally recommend the migraine prevention program to anyone who has or is suffering from migraines.

Kind rgds

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