Rosies Story

June 02, 2005 Rosie's Story

Hi John,
Thanks for your call yesterday. I appreciate your concern about the shipment.
Here is my story:
I have suffered from migraines since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I would get a bad headache and then the vomiting would begin. This would go on for 24-48 hours until it wore off. Back then I just thought of it as a "sick headache". At that time I had the headaches every 6-8 weeks. The headaches got worse  in intensity and frequency in the late 1980's and I began to see a doctor to try to prevent them. Nothing really helped and by the early 1990's the headaches began to really my affect my ability to work as a school counselor. I saw several specialists but nothing seemed to help. Finally I got some relief when Imitrex came on the market. It truly was a miracle drug for me. It didn't always give complete relief but always stopped to vomiting. However I continued to have the headaches so frequently and was using Imitrex several times a week by 2000. 
I researched the internet desperately seeking some help with prevention. That is when I found  Migraine Prevention on the internet and was blessed to find a person, John Carvalho, who understood my dilemma and offered a product that promised some help. The migraine prevention capsules, Norepa and Serotona, have been a great help to me in my battle to be free of headaches. John also put me in touch with John Alloca who helped me look at my eating habits and how they impacted my condition. He also had me take some blood tests and suggested to my doctor that taking some thyroid medication might help make a difference.
I had hoped that retiring in 2000 would lessen my stress level and would also help end the headaches. We moved to our retirement home in 2003 and  my doctor recommended that I add two other drugs to my prevention regimen, 100 mg. of nortriptyline and 50 mg. of Atenolol. Since 2003 my headaches have improved 100%. I am very careful to take my Serontona and Norepa capsules along with Synthroid, Atenolol, and Nortriptyline. John Carvalho has stayed with me all the way, guiding and encouraging and suggesting what I could do to find relief.  I am a strong believer in God and give Him all the glory for enabling me to find the help I needed. 
Rosalyn Riddle

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