October 03, 2005 Shakeel

Dear John,

  I started suffering from migraine attacks about 17 years ago and I tried to see many doctors, neurosurgeons, had some scans done, etc but none of this pointed to what the cause of the headaches was.  The neurosurgeons prescribed very strong pain killers but these only helped to subside the headache slightly but the headache never quite cleared. The headaches used to come in phases.  Typically, it would start on a Thursday around 2 pm and last until Sunday when it would just disappear just like that and then reappear the following week. 

June 02, 2005 Rosie's Story

Hi John,

Thanks for your call yesterday. I appreciate your concern about the shipment.
Here is my story:
I have suffered from migraines since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I would get a bad headache and then the vomiting would begin. This would go on for 24-48 hours until it wore off. Back then I just thought of it as a "sick headache". At that time I had the headaches every 6-8 weeks. The headaches got worse  in intensity and frequency in the late 1980's and I began to see a doctor to try to prevent them. Nothing really helped and by the early 1990's the headaches began to really my affect my ability to work as a school counselor.

The Minister of Health, Chris Nelson

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to you today to inform you of my decision to resign from that group of people who are suffering from Migraines and/or Depression.

The facts are that Migraines have been the bane of my existence for almost 20 years now and I am totally sick of them affecting my life both at work and in my family.  I have been suffering from Depression for about 4 or 5 years that I am aware of and I just can’t see the point of feeling like this any more.

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Jere White - Free At Last

At age 49, I have finally found substantial relief from migraine headaches without the daily use of prescription drugs.  My headaches began at approximately age 12, and they have gotten progressively worse over the years. I actually followed my Mother’s path into the lifestyle of a migraneur. As my family, friends, and co-workers well know, the migraines have been debilitating. 

5/17/03 Rene

Two years ago when I began to understand how my migraines were being triggered by many things I started paying attention to how carbohydrates affect me.  Shortly after starting on the Migraine Prevention Program I also went on Atkins.  I have lost the 30 pounds I had put on while on Zoloft and Paxil and feel great.  I believe the formula not only took away migraines but also help regulate the serotonin levels to the degree that they took away my depression as well.

The Atkins program, as you know, being high in protein and low in carbohydrates is a wonderful way to apply the GLYCEMIC INDEX as well as to increase the protein in my diet increases the tryptophan (sp?).  I believe that making these major changes as well as taking the Formula have led to my decreased need for the Formula.

I am currently taking one pill for each bottle daily and feeling quite well, mentally as well as physically, even with the increased stress of our difficult situation.
I know I never would have made it this far without the education provided in the Migraine Prevention Program and the Formula.

Rene from Washington



Katherine is our newest Migraine Prevention Coach and “former migraine sufferer.  She is very motivated to help you believe there is something you can do to help yourself.  Katherine wants you to find the courage to overcome your fear of failure.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of having migraines?   Have you seen enough doctors and specialists? Taken enough drugs?  If I can give you anything take this advice, “Get off your butt and you take control of your migraines.”  The Migraine Prevention program is working for me. It is simple; supplementing with Neurobiology Formula and understanding what to eat. 

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B.J., Oklahoma City, OK
I have had these miserable "weather headaches" for 30 years, many last 10 days.  None of my many doctors over the years recognized these as migraines.  Maybe they didn't know that a falling barometer is a migraine "trigger."  They told me it was all in my head (yes) and that the pain "couldn't be that bad."  Nonetheless, they gave me all sorts of painkillers that all made me incredibly nauseous, loopy, and dizzy, (unable to stand), but didn't give me relief.  By the time I was 30, I had learned that doctors don't know much about pain, and that I am too sensitive to pain drugs to take any of them.  So I just coped with these intense headaches all these years with virtually no relief beyond what a cup of stout coffee and Tylenol would give.

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